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Feb. 18, 1862
Auburn, Ky. and all of Logan County was occupied by the Union army.

Aug. 1, 1862
Twelve Federal soldiers spent the night in an Auburn, Ky. home. Some were ill and were treated for their injury or illness while staying in the home.

Aug. 30. 1862
A company of seventy Calvary members passed through Auburn, Ky. An exchange took place with the Rebels. Two Calvary officers were killed, a Captain Morrow and Lieutenant Burgher.

Sept 14, 1862
A train with two locomotives came from Bowling Green, Ky. to take flour from the local mill for the Federal Army. A regiment of soldiers, in the train, stole two thousand barrels of flour.

Sept. 28, 1862
One hundred and seventy five Guerrillas in Rebel uniform burned the Rail Road Bridge located on the east side of Auburn, Ky.

Sept. 28, 1862
The Train Depot was burned and Mr. Corning’s plot map of Auburn, Ky. was destroyed by fire. They stole over $5000.00 worth of goods and robbed individuals of money and watches.

Nov. 4, 1862
Five Regiments of Calvary, part of General Rosecrans Army, passed through Logan County, Ky. going west, five thousand Calvary soldiers and one thousand horses pulling wagons.

Nov. 10, 1862
A Regiment of Calvary and two thousand Infantry foot soldiers passed through Auburn, Ky. on their way west.

Jan. 25, 1863
Five hundred soldiers going west past through Auburn, Ky. Two hundred were on foot along with sixteen wagons and ambulances.

Aug. 3, 1863
Guerillas in Federal uniforms robbed over $3,000 from the store on the square in Auburn, Ky. They left on horseback going toward Franklin, Ky.



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