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Auburn Roller Mills



Auburn Roller Started in 1915 by L. D. McCarley


 Auburn News - June 3, 1959

Auburn Roller Started in 1915 by L. D. McCarley


The following is a brief history of the Auburn Roller Mills. Robbins Bros., proprietors, Auburn.
            The original mill was built by L. D. McCarley in 1915, to process flower, meal and feeds. In July 1924, G. B. Robbins came into the business as a partner to form what was known as McCarley & Robbins. On Mar8, 1925, H. C. Robbins bought the interest of Mr. McCarley to form the present firm of the Auburn Roller Mills.

During the years that followed the firm found that more grain storage was needed. Their first elevator was built in 1934 with a capacity of approximately 35,000 bushels.

Business a few years later justified the building of a larger flour unit, which was completed in 1938. Also at this time some improvement was made in the corn meal mill. More capacity was added with new and more modern equipment being added to help the firm process a better product.

The flour mill equipment was run until 1947 when the company converted this unit into a second meal mill and at such time went into full production of white corn meal, feeds, and a greatly expanded grain business.

At this time was added another elevator with two ear corn shellers to give the company a shelling capacity of approximately 500 bushels per hour and the new corn meal unit raised corn meal capacity to 100 bushels of flour.

In 1954 Kenneth Robbins came into the firm as a partner and became active in the firm in 1956 after a tour in the army.

In 1957 after the death of H. C. Robbins, a partner in the firm since 1925, the ownership and management was taken up by the remaining two partners.

The firm has for the past several years paid out to the people of this area approximately $400,000 per year for new materials.

The company is presently engaged in the construction of more storage and facilities to handle shelled corn. They are adding approximately 60,000 bushels storage capacity as well as installing cleaning equipment and a large grain dryer. This complete installation is designed to handle shelled corn coming to the mill directly from the farm.

Owners of Auburn Roller Mills credit the progress that they have had to their friends and customers over the past 25 years. It has always been their aim to build a product that would justify the confidence place on them by the buying public. They also feel that their business has been greatly helped by the efficient and loyal people in their employ. They have constantly been a source of strength and have in a great measure made the business go forward.


The Roller Mills was erected on the site behind the Minit Mart. The Mill has ceased operation, but periodically grain is stored there.

1915:     L. D. McCarley started this operation. Flour, meal and feed were the products.
1924: G. B. Robbins came into the firm.
1925: On March 8, 1925, H. C. Robbins bought McCarley’s interest.
1935: The first elevator was built.
1938: A larger flour unit was installed.
1947: The flour equipment was converted to corn meal.
1954: Kenneth Robbins came into the firm.
1957: H. C. Robbins died.
1959: As reported in the Auburn News, June 3, 1959 Auburn Roller Mills were paying out approximately $400,000 per annum for raw material.








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