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The Goodie Garden

A Good Place To Eat





"I'm Glad I can Read
So many books at the price of one"




"Stop today and rent a book.
We have just what you want.
Periodicals, Cards, Favors, Gifts, Pencils, Pens, Stationery

Visit our Gift Shop which will be open soon

Watch for our Christmas Candy Shop"






















































The Goodie Garden apparently moved to different premises over the years. The location at the time of this picture is part of the Chevrolet Garage. Looking at the Goodie Garden on the left is the Woodmen of the World property (owned in 2009 by Mike Hughes). The following is an extract from the Auburn Times – Friday October 21, 1938

"As the business [Chevrolet Garage] grew , building alterations were made in 1933, allowing more showroom space, but reducing the repair shop section. In 1934, Mr. Daniel moved his café to the post office building, permitting further alterations and allowing the garage to utilize the entire building."


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L/R Thomas Coles, W. Dale Monroe, Wilbur Young, Dink Daniels (Owner) & Clifton Hughes Picture circa 1932


A picture taken outside the Goodie Garden, in Auburn. The little girl at the right of the picture is Marie Garrett. In this picture we are estimating that she is about 10 years old. This would place the timeframe on or about 1932. Marie later became the wife of Euel Temple 'Peanut' Coles, mother of Betty Lou [Coles] Washer and grandmother of Shea Washer and Kimberly [Washer] Perkins. The location at this time is part of the Coke Chevrolet garage between the Woodmen of the World building and the hotel.

bulletThe Goodie Garden was operated in partnership by D. T. Daniels & Clifford Hughes.
bulletIrl Mansfield bought Clifford Hughes' interest in the Goodie Garden. The firm will be Daniel's and Mansfield. Auburn Times - May 20, 1932
bulletThe Goodie Garden operated in a section of the Coke Chevrolet Garage. In 1934 Coke Chevrolet went into an expansion phase and subsequently Daniels had to move his operation to the Old Post Office building.

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Meet Me At -

Goodie Garden

Where they have the best drinks and the tastiest lunches




























































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