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Auburn Times – Friday October 21, 1938

History of the Auburn Chevrolet Dealership

In connection with the formal opening Saturday of the new Chevrolet Garage and the showing of the new 1939 Chevrolet, the following history of the Auburn dealership is published. For further particulars concerning the opening Saturday, see Section Two of this issue of the Times.

In the year 1928, a little more than ten years ago, the first Chevrolet dealership in Auburn was established by a group composed of C. B. Peart, W. Gaston Coke, Charlie Wilson, Ed Johnson, Herman Corbin, O. M. Crewdson, John Gaines, J. Guthrie Coke, Ray Scott, C. D. Pottinger, Mrs. Fee Wilson, Irl Scott, Curry Hall, R. H. Holland, Mack Ray and others, incorporated at that time as the Auburn Chevrolet Company, later being incorporated under the name of the Logan County Motor Company. The business continued under this name as a corporation until Jan 1, 1930, when it was purchased by W. Gaston Coke and has since been operated by him under his individual ownership.

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When this dealership was established in 1928, a building was erected on a lot on Main Street, extending from the west side of the Auburn Hotel building to the WOW building, which is now occupied by the Auburn Times. This building, which was a one-story brick and concrete structure, with a showroom for one car, supplied the demand for space at that time, allowing enough space in a part of the building for a large café, operated by D. T. Daniel.

As the business grew, building alterations were made in 1933, allowing more showroom space, but reducing the repair shop section. In 1934, Mr. Daniel moved his café to the post office building, permitting further alterations and allowing the garage to utilize the entire building. As the business continued to grow, it was deemed advisable by Mr. Coke to provide more modern and spacious quarters in order that the public might be better served and from that decision has come the new, modern building as the home of Chevrolet in Auburn.

In 1938 Gaston Coke moved his operation from the location between the Vick Hotel and the WOW building to the renovated garage on the corner of E. Main Street and Depot Street.

The new building is composed of a complete renovation of the last section of the old Ford garage, formerly owned by Carson (Cobb) Helm, as one of the oldest automobile businesses in Auburn, located at the corner of Main and Depot streets, and the erection of the large addition with service station detached. The garage addition provides showroom space for five cars, has two doors of entry, a circular front, covered entirely by cream porcelain metal with a trim of dark blue and a large area of plate glass. The garage building contains large repair work quarters, car storage space, wash and grease rack on one side and the five-car showroom space, large parts department, three moderately equipped offices, with overhead storage space for large parts and other equipment. The inside walls of the garage proper are finished in knotty pine, stained to present a walnut effect. The service station building, which is completely detached from the garage building, is octagon-shaped with a large tower, visible for many miles, extending from the roof. The outside walls are also covered with cream-colored porcelain metal with blue trim, while the inside walls are of white plaster. The station is provided with two entrances and is equipped with three large windows, extending across the front, making it easier for attendants to have full view of the driveway. Modern restrooms, neat and attractive are provided for the convenience of customers and self-calculating pumps, with a full view of each transaction, are included in the station section, together with a perpendicular neon sign running the length of the tower bearing the word, “Chevrolet.”

The construction of both the garage and service station includes the utmost in architectural beauty and represent an investment of several thousand dollars. It is a  most valuable addition to the town and surrounding territory and would be a credit to the business life of a town much larger than Auburn.


Coke Chevrolet Advertisement of August 8, 1947




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