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Howlett Chevrolet
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More to car deals than giveaways and low price

When Bill Howlett opened his Chevrolet dealership in 1954, there were no V-8 engines, air conditioning was unheard of, and an order for an automatic transmission was rare. Only a half-dozen options were available on automobiles. If the 1954 car buyer wanted a heater, even that had to be specially installed at the dealership.

Bill Howlett sold 80 new cars that first year, emphasizing fine service and individual attention with every customer. He continues that tradition today. Although special bargains and selling events are important promotional activities, he believes there’s more to being a car dealer than low price and giveaways. It’s quality service and personal concern that are to the advantage of the small-town dealership, he says. As a result, car buyers from a five county area have learned that they can count on Howlett Chevrolet for every automotive need from sale and leasing to mechanical servicing, parts, bodywork, financing and insurance.

Sales Department

A friendly six member Sales Department headed by Manager Shirley Washer will show you that the complete line of new Chevrolets are the finest cars and trucks on the market today. There’s always a great selection of models and equipment just waiting for a test drive. And on our used car lot, you can be sure of getting plenty of unused mileage. Each used car has been closely inspected and where necessary, reconditioned.







See us for financing, insurance, leasing

Behind the scenes, an efficient office staff offers financing capabilities through GMAC and four local banks. In addition, customers’ insurance needs can be handled here through Motorists Insurance Corporation and Investor’s Life Insurance Company. We also arrange leasing of cars and trucks on a 12 to 36 month basis.

We’re the ones to keep your car running smoothly

"After the sale, it’s the service that counts." The company’s initial emphasis that has never changed.

After you buy a new or used car or truck, that's not the end of it. We're the ones to take care of your vehicle and keep it running smoothly over the years. We have the latest tools and equipment, plus the expert knowledge of an 11-member service team. For example, our Service Department was first in this case to install diagnostic equipment that quickly pinpoints mechanical problems - and that saves both your time and ours. Service Manager Wilford Arnold and four of his staff members are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence and keep up to date on service procedures by regularly attending General Motor's sponsored Training Centers. If a part needs to be replaced, chances are Parts Manager Maurice Arnold will have it stocked in his 4,500 - square foot department. Keeping up with customer demands for unique automotive equipment, Howlett Chevrolet recently was appointed the local authorized installation center for name brand convertible T-tops.

The above article appeared in The News-Democrat  in December 1967

Auburn Firm Gets National Award                

                                                                                The News-Democrat  December 7, 1967

A Logan County automobile dealership and how it prepares used cars for resale is the subject of an article in a national trade magazine. The November issue of Communication Central, a service publication for Chevrolet retail managers, discusses the Howlett Chevrolet dealership in Auburn, comparing it favorably with one in Corpus Christi, Tex. Corpus Christi has a population of some 200,000; Auburn has 1,000.

Shirley Washer, sales manager at Howlett, has four new and used unit salesmen. They sold 405 used units last year, a good many to repeat customers, according to Communication Central.

Company suggested practices in reconditioning are followed. In Auburn, reconditioning is done by a one-man "crew", but is separate from service operations. Walter McFall, a 15-year Howlett employee, performs the reconditioning in a converted filling station that adjoins the dealership's other operations. Occasionally, when volume warrants, another service employee helps him.

The dealership has new electronic diagnostic equipment which is used to check used cars and trucks.

Howlett Chevrolet has found that greater profits and repeat business come from extra investment in reconditioning used cars and trucks.



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